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  • Xunjie packaging machinery, from Jinan Xunjie, Wuhan Xunjie, Jinan Dongtai together to create a brand packaging machinery, the company is committed to packaging machinery, packaging equipment design, research and development, manufacturing and sales.Has passed ISO9001: 2000 certification, filling and closure of the end of filler products have been certified by CE.Major end-products, such as letters, filling machines, electromagnetic induction-sealing machine, labeling machine, and other products.
    Filling Machine
    Automatic oil, mucus filling line Automatic liquid filling machine
    Paste, cosmetic filler Ointment, cream filling machine Filling hose-end closure
    Electric liquid filling machine Peristaltic pump filling machine
    Packaging Machine
    food packaging machine Zhenshi automated packaging machine
    Vertical powder packaging machine Bags of liquid packaging machine
    Quantitative powder packaging machine (semi-automatic)
    Vacuum packaging machine
    Penma Machine Hot pepper sauce, meat filling machine
    Heat shrinkable packaging machine
    (Sales Sector)
    (Sales Sector)
    E-mail: info
    (Sales Sector)
    All rights reserved. Jinan Xunjie Machinery Co., Ltd. Address: Lingang Development Zone, Jinan City, Airport Road, No. 3843 Tel :0531-88908865 88906638 Fax:0531-88022130
    Xunjie Technology/Technical Support LU ICP Preparation 07072650
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